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Welcome to Boedy and Sipoet site....

(we are just an ordinary man and women who want share the freedom and knowledge and rebuilt our dream)



Hi guys, welcome to our website. this site is special for you who have spirit to change yourself be better and better. in this site we will share all of knowledge that we have get in our live, you can find all of think in here. so if you did not like writing and reading, i 'm sure we can help you by this site.

first i will say thank to Alloh that always give us a mercy in all of the time, always love us so we till in health condition. in the second, thanks for my family and all of friend who help to built this site. especially for my princess (ardana putri). i hope this site can be help all of you to improve your knowledge and attitude, so you become great person in the future.

in the and i just want say, welcome to our site..., don't seems to give us a suggest if we have done a mistake...

best regards,


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life is simple thinking, if you want change your live, you have to change your attitude first.., if you think you can do it, you definitely can.


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