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Become the real star 


Bintang kecil…

Dilangit yang tinggi

Amat banyak menghias angkasa

Aku ingin, terbang dan menari

Jauh tinggi ketempat kau berada…

 by: anonim

Sebuah lagu yang saya tidak tahu penciptanya, tetapi sewaktu anak anak saya sering sekali menyanyikanya, dan berharap menjadi salah satu bintang yang ada dilangit, memiliki warna yang indah dan sangat kuat. membuat semua orang menjadi bahagia.

star in the space 

patric star-star in the sea 

star souce in human body-heart 


Star, the one of space object that can emit its own light. Since childhood we often draw star with our imagination, we often watch the start in the sky, and choose one of brightest star, and sometimes we think become as bright as start in sky. When childhood I often draw star, the Star with five side, consider of example from our teacher for sure. Exactly, I don’t know why our teacher give example star with five side, but it doesn’t important, because that is not my point.  when childhood, I often site on the yard in the night with my grandpa and grandma. They often show my such of star group, I don’t understand for sure, what are they mean, I just think “Star look small in the sky, but it’s light is very sharp”, beside that each start have different color, such as : red, green, blue, white, etc, they are really beautiful. there more than a million star in the space with different color, so amazing. By the way, start are not much like I was childhood. In this time I trying to think back about star, do you ever imagine how far distance between earth and star? But the power of star can bring up the light till reach the earth. We have to realize that it’s difficult and need hard effort, from a million kilometers to reach earth, that not short distance. When in childhood there is a famous poem, “You must have goals as high as the stars in the sky “, I just meaning this poem as soothing easy, but our teacher always write down this sentence in our raport in every semester. The question is,  how to become strong and bright like star?, in television there are such of people join to the audition, to become a start, even they are not understand what is the real star? Calm down my friends, exactly Alloh was created something special inside of human, even we not keep attention on that, and often ignore it in our live. Don’t worry, you are not late, I will help you, :D.Let study !!!!!!!!!!!, to become a star you must have 5 side, that you should improve. What are they? They are, brain, health, religion, love, and hard wish. Alloh was giving us all of them, inside of our hearth for sure.  How sharp your light is depend on each side that you have. Brain, health, hard wish will influence how strong of your light, and the religion will influence direction or purpose place that you want to reach, like star want reach the earth straightly, the religion will guide you in the straight ways too. Another side, love will influence what color of your light, red, blue, yellow, green or dark. Star with dark light never be seen on the earth. In this country there such of actor and artist, whether they are a true star? To indicate it, you have to measure it with parameter, that I have to mention above, remembers five side J. They are may be, have a love, health, religion, brain, and hard wish. But how strong of their light will decide, how long the till can emit their light. Ever you take care on one of artist in our country, some of them very popular, but just in short time. They was lost their light, the was lost one of sides. May be religion, love, health, hard wish, or their brain. So they can’t emit their light anymore. Become bright like star is not easy, right? But to maintain it is more difficult. You have to keep each side regularly, by regular maintenance. Whatever you are, you have same challenge become a star. Star with bright, beautiful and strong light.


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