Sipoet & Boedy

Picture Gallery

boedy, as developer, he is the best husband in the world, hard worker and love with his wife :), he just wanna make his family and friends happy, and hope some day can change the word

sipoet, as house wife mr boedy, she is smart and mbelgedesh, she always fell no power in budi face, and she always hard work to get boedy respect, she always failed. (^^v)

take a lunch with sipoet (ardana poetri) at home, she is very arogant but boedy love her very much..., she live close to boedy home, the often get a conflict, but they are actually love each other (dream)

(from Miss Put : hehhh, don't believe text above.. i'm not arogant, I'm so calm, hehee

paris, the best place in the world that boedy wanna visited with sipoet, i hope someday i can go there with my lovely dear...:)

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