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everyone have imagine about hero, most of them regads hero as someone who have great power, help someone else, kind, tight and handsome or beautifull. so they have a hero for sure, included you guys. so how become a hero? whether you have to powerfull, whether you have to smart, tight, handsome and sacriface your self to other people.mto answer this question we must study about hero, what is the meaning of hero? and what the hero done for poeple?onsider of great bahasa indonesia dictionary, a hero is people who stand out because of the courage and sacrifice in difending the truth, fighter who viliantly base of this meang that a hero is courage and secriface, the hero is defending the truth, the hero is fighter, and the hero is viliantly. so become a hero is simple, become a hero is not dificult anymore. you only need one of their characteristic, courage, secriface, defending the truth, fighter, or viliantly. so there are no reason to afraid become a hero. you are must not powerfull, you must not tight, handsome, and handsome. just use a hero characteristic. how weak you are, have same opportunity to be a hero. did you think that your mother, father, friends, brother,sister, even yourself are hero? your parent hard work for you, they was sacrifice thir time, happiness, and energy for their family, moreover for relative and nightborn, they are great, aren't you? they are a hero. when your mother pregnant, she always kept you from something dengerous, she give you a love, large of love, even you can imagine it, and the fact is, she never ask you to paid it. do you think it's easy? they are great, don't you?. so wheter your parent are strong like a superman, or another superhero. your friend, always support you, they try to be kind to you, eventhought you do not respect to them anymore, they are a superhero. and i think you can do it too, become a hero is simple but not easy. to be a hero you just need a desired, and then belive in yourself that you can do it. whatever you are, you can be a hero, even just for yourself. for all of hero in indonesia, i wanna say happy hari pahlwan, i hope Alloh will accept all of your goodness, and forgive all of your mistake (moslem heros). thanks for everything that you have done for this country, we are realize that all think that we have been enjoing right now never be come tru, without your sacriface. for all of people in indonesia,

let's continuing...., all of you are super-hero........dont give up man.....................




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