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brain is mechine that control our body. so keep a brain healty is very important so we have to implement good life style to support it. do you want onjoy long
lifespan with healty brain?. ensuring some tips (consider of research) that can you use for guide:

1. stop smoke, alcohol and another medichine
the subtansial adictive, like drug and cigarette, can decrease fucntion of body decrease your motivation and disturb cognitive processes. this component change the emotion, which will disturb thinking process by reduce focus, attention, memory and the ability to make plan.

2. do physical exercise regulary
physical excercise in regular time not onlu reduce a risk disease that decreased neural function but also help decelerate development of desease which was infection our body, like senility.  beside that, physical excercise can repaire energy level, the general healty, sleep, and brain healty.

3. social activity and refressing
trying built friendship. friendship provide chance for exchange experience, study something new, challange, emotion, belief and conprehension. beside that, friendship can be a motivation source when social act. with friend you wil fell more valueble, enjoy your live, laugh, and happiness. traying to develope relationship with each other by following organization activity that appropriate wiht your desire.

4. control your healty
you have responsible in regulate your body. doctors only help, but you are master of your body. when you take part to control your healty, you will more open minded and develop relationship that have trust with doctor. the fear comunication can help doctor to made right decision on your healthy. the team
phenomenoligical like it is main fortress to agin deseases. for maximal healthy, try to physical check up regulary consider of doctor command.

5. decelerate tempo and enjoy loneliness
the busy live style may be made you lost a lot of time especially for relaxing and manage the enveronment. whereas, brain need time to manage the information so far. the lice style fastly will made chronic stess and enother negative effect. to reduce stress and more enjoy this live, try to decrease demand on your live, don't impose your self.

6. dont resign from live
strong effort to retain aim of live is important factor to undergo long live. make decision to take part on daily activity is very benefit for keep our health in long term. positive act can help us to reach a succes and recovering our healthy from desease. trying improve your skills and intersts in everytimes. you have abilities to learn and improve new talent immediately you have responsible to improve what's maining of your live and poitn of your live. work can become important activity for help you find the meaning of live. matching your interest and work is strange tools in improvment your talent and potention.

7. do a new and complex activity.
learn new skills and information in all live, can help your brain strong and helaty till eldery. the most benefit activity  to sharpen your brain is somthing new and complex. but this activities are different for everyone. because sometimes, something easy for someone become something complex for anothers. so find the something challenge for your brain. new and complex thing will challange brain, stimulating learning activity and boosted density of neular network, thus reduce probalbility descent of neural function. by practice nwe act or skill, density of neural network will increase. and something we recognize as new and complex will change be memmory and pasive. so, to ensure that your brain still improve and sharp, trying do something new immediately.

8. maka a bounce srimulation
this activity  can help you to find something new and complex with somethings that was in meerorial and pasive.

a. provide a peace of paper, devide in two column

b. in left column, list 5 activities that you are very often you done. this list represent the pasive act and memmorization, your brain was confort with this activities, so no benefit to your brain

c. in tight column, list 5 activities that  you thing new and seldom you have done. this list is represent the activities that not recognize by your brain, so your brain not yet form the neural network for this activities. so your brain will make new network for it.

9. control your finance.
make a plan about our finance play role to strimulate eksecutive function( rensponse to complex act like organization, control scedule, control impuls, etc). trying notes all of your expenditure and take attention where your money has gone. this way will make you feel more centrol in your finance situation.
10. consump a low fat meals with rich nutrition
trying add correct food for your brain, such as omega-3 acids, this nutrition is provide in such of meals. for example: fish, rami seeds, and nuts , beside that, trying consump foods that provide antioksidan, such as vitamine E and C. beside that folat can help risk several desease that cause descent neuron function and developmental disorder.

11. maintain the stronge realtionship
the ablility in communicate and intract with ohters person are very important to maintain stronge relationship. isolation is prove that reduce our helathy. reseach, like  quoted by site. this quotes show that social network can reduce reisk of senility. ability to improve link immadiately can repair our health, reduce stress, and help us to precced new topic.

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